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With expertise in behavioral science and business, we ensure that your organization meets current goals and prepares for what’s next.

When it’s time to implement strategy and reduce risk, you can count on enhanced enterprise transformation capability.

Our Solutions Empower Organizations
In 3 Foundational Business Disciplines

The Confidence of Science-Built

ALULA employs not only a unique team of behavior analysts and business professionals, but also tools, processes, and consulting that benefit from decades of in-depth scientific research, data analysis, and expert insights.

The Precision of Custom-Made

Transformations have the most ROI when a company’s unique, multiple and concurrent changes are executed rather than endured. Our proprietary agile method links the execution of every change to your goals and sustainability benchmarks.

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Chevron, MSA, Bayer, Qdoba

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Dec. 7, 2022: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST // Virtual

5 Elements of a Successful Transformation: A Playbook for Oil & Gas Companies

In this webinar, we’ll interview industry experts to define:

  • The 5 elements of a successful transformation
  • How to create an environment where commitment leverages and sustains those 5 elements
  • Action for paving a pathway to commitment

We’ll conclude by looking ahead at how leaders can keep unlocking the full transformation potential of their organizations, especially to exceed expectations.


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Advance Transformation with Your People, Processes, and Technology

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Leading Through Ambiguity: Planning for the Operational and Organizational Impacts of Decarbonization

This report looks in detail at the organizational challenges and risks ahead for oil, gas, and energy companies and proposes 5 key questions that every oil, gas, and energy leader should ask themselves to ensure their company’s operational and organizational readiness for the energy transition is on track.

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Building a Roadmap to Decarbonization: 3-Part Webinar Series

The transition to a low carbon economy is one of the most transformative challenges in human history. But it’s as much an organizational and human challenge as it is a technical challenge.

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