Proven methodology — Profound impact — Sustainable results

CLG is a global leader of behavior-based strategy execution and performance improvement consulting that enables companies to achieve lasting results consistently, with speed, precision, and control.

We find that most companies have a clear business strategy and have made significant investments in their processes. However, strategic plans and effective work processes alone are not enough to drive and sustain meaningful improvement in organizations. To bring strategy and processes together to produce sustainable results, behavior (what people say and do at work), must be positively managed throughout an organization.

Using the principles of Applied Behavioral Science and our proven methodology, CLG helps organizations:

  • Drive excellence in execution
  • Achieve strategic change
  • Increase and sustain top-line growth
  • Improve leadership development
  • Realize culture change
  • Improve productivity well as addressing many of your other critical challenges. Whether your goal is managing and leading change, achieving business plan results, or improving leadership impact, CLG can provide a solution based on your specific requirements. When it's time to make things happen, look to CLG.