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    on the job

    We're not the kind of consultants who theorize within the confines of their well-appointed office—pulling strategies they've devised for someone else off their mahogany shelf. No, we're more the get-down-in-the-trenches sort.

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    Do you want to meet or even exceed performance goals—all while satisfying customers, reducing costs and creating a unified and engaged culture?

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  • Do you ever wonder why no one seems to be accountable for building a culture of accountability? It's time to stop wondering and start looking at behavioral change. Its time for a behavior breakthrough.

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The Latest

Kim Huggins Invited Speaker - 2015 Independent Medical Education & Grants Breakthrough Summit

Kim Huggins, CLG Senior Principal, has been invited to speak at the 13th Annual Independent Medical Education & Grants Breakthrough Summit taking place October 14-15, 2015 in Philadelphia PA. .

Ed Lumley Joins the CLG Canada Advisory Board

The Honourable Edward C. Lumley, Corporate Executive and former Minister of the Crown in the Government of Canada, has joined the CLG Canada Advisory Board.

From Our Blog

"Behavior" Change: Trendy Buzzword or Scientific Solution?

 "Behavior" and its derivatives such as "behavior change" and "behavior-based solution" could be joining the race for buzzword status

Featured Expert

William R.K. Innes, EngD

William R.K. Innes, EngD Bill combines four decades of international experience in global technology and business management, multi-billion capital project management, M&A, organizational transformation, petroleum engineering, intellectual property, operations, and leading specialized research centers in various executive roles with a Fortune 10 energy company.