Deborah Kramer


Debbie is a seasoned consultant and executive coach with more than two decades of experience. Her engaging personal style, business acumen, financial expertise and talent as a strategic thinker and problem-solver have benefited numerous executives. Debbie served successive SVP roles in marketing, human resources and organizational development with a Fortune 300 specialty insurance company before joining CLG in 2011. Since that time, she has offered her expertise to clients in the areas of strategic planning, business strategy execution, HR transformation and culture change, among other issues.

Debbie’s large-scale change experience spans people systems, IT organizations, customer service delivery, and strategy implementation. As a member of several Boards, she knows the Board perspective and how to work effectively with them.

She has extensive experience as an executive coach. Debbie is a mentor in the Menttium 100® program and a former Master Coach in a corporate Assessment and Development Center for high-potential succession candidates. Debbie co-led a key corporate initiative to understand desired customer experiences throughout the value chain, identifying key experience changes with the potential to drive millions in retained business. She also coached the Customer Experience VP on engaging senior managers in understanding/ownership of customer experience.

She holds a BS in accounting from Indiana University. Debbie also earned accelerated Executive MBAs in the Human Resource Executive Program at the University of Michigan, the Advanced Management Program at Stanford University, the IESE Program “Sense the IT Revolution” in Barcelona, and the Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive Advantage Program at Wharton.