Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits

Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits - Developing Leadership Behavior that Drives Profitability in your Organization

Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits – Developing Leadership Behavior That Drives Profitability in Your Organization

In any organization, nothing can improve until people change their behavior. There is a science devoted to behavior, and that science underlies what is taught and described in this book. It will seem simple and it is easy to learn, but when put into practice it becomes a profound, life-changing approach to leadership.

Most leaders have never learned a practical approach to understanding why people do and say the things they do – and how to unlock their behaviors to bring out the best in everyone, which leads to superior performance - both individually and organizationally.

The book provides four “behavior facts” that are critical to every leaders success. These four facts include: Your behavior – and everyone’s – is a response to the environment you work in, your leadership behavior profoundly and directly affects everyone within your organization, leaders have both an economic and moral imperative to unlock behavior in their organizations, and powerful behavioral tools are at your fingertips for improving your own leadership behavior and unlocking everyone’s performance.

Along with these four facts, the book provides insights to reframe your most pressing challenges from achieving sustained/predictable top-line growth to ensuring that strategic talent management truly results in well-developed leaders.