Less by the textbook. More in the trenches.

Nothing can be lonelier than running a global company. If you’re a CEO, Chairman or executive in the C-suite, books and case studies can’t help you in the trenches. You need guidance from a trusted pro who has walked in your shoes.

CLG Executive Advisors are the best of the best--confidential advisors who have led companies matching your size and scale. Whether you need advice on working with your board, leading disruptive change or managing work/life balance, they’ll walk the path with you. Their rare ability to leverage personal experience with the proven principles of Applied Behavioral Science is your new C-suite secret weapon.

Today’s C-suite of global companies are facing unprecedented business challenges and face considerable pressure to lead their companies toward sustainable growth and profitability unlike any other time in our history.

In the role of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman or executive in the C-suite of a global company, to whom do you consult when you need practical, experienced counsel to deal with the unending pressures in today’s world? You need an Executive Advisor – a qualified and confidential advisor who has walked in your shoes, led companies that matched your size and intricacies, leveraged his/her experiences and learnings through developing successors and senior-level talent, and done it well.

With more than six decades of combined experience, CLG’s Executive Advisors are unparalleled in terms of their business acumen, ability to drive and sustain results, and their unique expertise in the science of behavior to effectively lead organizations and individual change.

Specific areas that CLG Executive Advisors have been asked to consult include:

  • Advising on (the new) role as Chief Executive and/or Chairman of the Board, including:
    • Clarifying the business's mission-vision-values, and ingraining them into the organization
    • Working effectively with the Board of Directors
    • Managing work-life imbalance
    • Preparing for his/her own succession (organizationally and personally)
  • Leading through strategic and disruptive change, like M&A or cultural transformation
  • Ensuring the routines, structures, and culture that feed strong governance
  • Analyzing and clarifying the strategic approach to business challenges
  • Helping executives new in their role to raise their profile and understand the added complexities
  • On-boarding new team members to ensure success (executives promoted or hired into a new role)
  • Managing expectations (internal, external, and industry) and the effects on your company and your own aspirations

CLG's Executive Advisors:

William R.K. Innes, EngD

Bill offers four decades of international experience in global business and technology management, multi-billion capital project management, mergers and acquisitions, organizational transformation, intellectual property, operations, and leading specialized research centers in various executive roles with a Fortune10 energy company. He has mentored and advised colleagues who are responsible for strategic change in billion-dollar business units.

Industry Experience: Global petrochemical operations

Areas of Expertise: Global business and technology management, multibillion-dollar capital project execution, mergers and acquisitions, organizational transformation, intellectual property, culture change, senior team alignment, experience in living and managing overseas, board experience.


Mark Kutner

Mark has over 40 years of experience leading change in global organizations. He has served in leadership roles of enterprises undergoing significant change through post-merger integrations and cultural transformations. He personally led thousands of employees in a multi-billion-dollar telecommunications enterprise. Mark’s skill at enhancing leadership and executive performance has especially helped those in transitional CEO assignments and turnaround situations. He has assisted global leaders in developing their senior leadership teams and improving alignment, accountability, and results.

Industry Experience: Technology & software

Areas of Expertise: Large scale cultural transformation, enhancing performance and improving business results, leadership performance, senior team & organization alignment, sales & marketing, board experience, post merger integration.

David Murphy

David brings over four decades of international executive experience in the USA, Europe, and Australia in Human Resources with exposure to all major business functions in automotive, publishing and information services. He is an expert in all aspects of Human Resources with particular emphasis on performance management, leadership development, succession planning, and transformational change initiatives.

Industry Experience: Automotive manufacturing

Areas of Expertise: Human resources, organizational transitions and transformations, compensation & rewards, organizational restructuring, strategic leadership, organizational and personal development, individual performance assessment, succession planning, experience in living and managing oversees, six sigma, board experience.

Les Dakens

For over three decades, Les Dakens has applied his business acumen and behavioral science knowledge to advise leaders in operations, finance, sales and marketing, and human resources coaching business unit presidents, C-suite executives, and high-potentials. He focuses on strategy, behavioral leadership skills, and execution of tactical initiatives.

Industry Experience: Consumer packaged goods, food industry, transportation

Areas of Expertise:Finance, operations, sales and marketing, human resources, advising and assisting boards, board's human resources committees.

Naoki Nishio

For more than 50 years, Naoki has a proven track record as a leader in major corporations in Japan and the United States - specializing in advising, consulting, and marketing.  Naoki is well-regarded for his innovation and goal-orientation while utilizing a friendly and optimistic approach.

Industry Experience: Oil, Gas, and Bio Fuels

Areas of Expertise: Strategic leadership, organizational and personal development, marketing, mergers, market distribution development. 


Julie M. Smith, Ph.D.

During her quarter-century as a visionary entrepreneur, innovator, and advisor, Julie has achieved mission-impossible performance advances for global leaders and their companies. Her pragmatic behavioral-science solutions continue to deliver sustained results for dozens of clients. Those who have experienced her coaching prize her open, friendly, candid style.

Industry Experience: Uncommonly diverse, with successful engagements in healthcare and pharma, energy, banking and finance, transportation, customer service, and others.

Areas of Expertise: crafting solutions that are best-in-class; complex project planning and execution; implementing corporate culture change.