Behavior Change Tools

The science of behavior relies on honest, direct, useful communication which is based on objective observation. While all leaders want to be successful, many do not possess the innate abilities for the numerous responsibilities of leadership. Basic to an understanding of leadership and success is the knowledge of why people behave as they do, and how they can be encouraged to adopt the desired behaviors that will positively impact their company’s bottom line.

CLG has developed concepts for influencing behavior change. While grounded in an overall Applied Behavioral Science approach, these concepts can be easily applied by business leaders to internal behavior change programs. Some of our most popular behavior change tools are:

ABC Analysis / E-TIP Analysis® – Models for analyzing the consequences of behavior and its effect upon the performer

IMPACTSM Model – A program for determining desired behaviors and their implementation among employees and throughout the organization

NORMS of Objectivity – A test that ensures you are focusing on fact, not interpretations, opinions or hunches, when selecting behaviors

Organizational Change Tools

Nothing changes until people’s behaviors change. Most business leaders understand this philosophy, but identifying undesirable behaviors and implementing change is a difficult, time-intensive prospect.

CLG has developed a wide range of tools to help leaders effect organizational change. These tools take into account the difficulties inherent in behavior change, and are intended to make the process easier to implement. A few of our most popular change tools are:

DCOM® Model - A tool for assessing organizational performance and potential

Make-It Model® – An approach for determining and implementing desired behaviors at the organization level

Performance Drivers – The values and systems that guide employee performance and can be a lever for change