Prepare your salesforce to accelerate sales results. New behavior is the key.

The behavior of your sales organization, leadership team, and front-line managers has a direct impact on sales results. Our research and nearly a quarter century of experience indicate that behavior change is the key differentiator of high performing organizations. At CLG, behavior change is what we do every day, with hundreds of companies across many industries.

Using CLG’s DCOM® for Sales analysis, we uncover areas where there is the greatest opportunity for sales performance improvement.

DCOM gathers data across four proven cornerstones of high performing sales organizations:

  • Direction
  • Competence
  • Opportunity
  • Motivation 

With this information, we can help you identify certain elements that can be addressed and leveraged to accelerate sustainable sales results.  The science-based behavior change process will help you identify and adopt the business critical behaviors that drive sales performance – all while measuring key performance indicators.

Whether you’re working with your best performing sales region or the worst, there’s always room for improvement. New behavior drives results. It’s as simple as that—and as difficult.

To learn more about how to leverage behavior to improve sales performance, download the brochure Meet and Exceed Your 2018 Sales Targets

Meet and Exceed brochure