Less burned out. More fired up.

What if we told you that: 

  • 63% of your people lack motivation and couldn’t care less about your goals
  • 24% are so disengaged that they’re likely spreading their negativity to their coworkers
  • Only 13% are committed to their jobs and actually contributing to the company

That’s what a recent study indicates.*

Now, some companies think, “Hey, that’s an HR issue.” But high-performing companies know that engagement and motivation is a critical responsibility of the entire leadership team.

After all, engaged employees impact the bottom line and help a company thrive.  It is the leadership team’s responsibility to help employees understand the organization’s direction and goals and how they are connected to achieving that goal.   

This is where Applied Behavioral Science can help.  It is suited to:

  • Gauging employee awareness and understanding of company goals and objectives.
  • Assessing the alignment of various stakeholder groups throughout the organization.
  • Identifying and embed leadership behaviors that drive engagement.

Feeling a little, well, motivated?


*State of the Global Workplace, 2013, The Gallup Organization.